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William - an innocent, claustrophobic young man with some dark secrets - finds himself trapped with a mysterious stranger who starts asking him unusual, intimate questions. 

As the stakes climb, William’s innermost conflicts are revealed. Can his answers set him free?


About the Team

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ANdrew Spicer (Writer & Director)

Andrew has been making short films and videos for over a decade. He moved to London in 2014 to read Psychology and set up Fairholme Films as a front for all his creative endeavours. Driven by his passion to dissect the human condition, Guess Where I Am is the first project that Andrew has written and will be the first short film for which he is the director. He is confident that he has a great team working with him and is excited to share the project with the world.

Archie Trueger (Producer)

Archie is a British-American film school graduate with experience on several short films and music videos. He has worked his way up in the production department and is now focused on leading production on smaller scale films, with an emphasis on drama.

Sophie Lindsay (Producer)

Sophie is a London-based financial markets professional with over a decade of experience in investment banking and private equity fundraising for global institutions. She will be the main point of contact for investors in Guess Where I Am, as well as a source of advice for the team on concept development and project execution.

Sal Redpath (Director of Photography)

Sal is a freelance Director of Photography based in London. With experience in music videos, film and fashion, his work has taken him all over the world from Morocco to China to Portugal for clients such as Barclay’s, Vodafone and Dove.

Jeremy Franklin (Actor - William)

Jeremy is a performer and musician from the West Midlands. As a young adult, he performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Playbox Theatre and Edward’s Boys. Now based in London, he studied English and Drama at Goldsmiths University, graduating in 2017. He is also a singer with London Contemporary Voices and has performed with artists such as U2, Laura Mvula, and Sam Smith.