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Written & Directed by Andrew Spicer
Produced by Archie Trueger, Sophie Lindsay & Andrew Spicer
Cinematography by Sal Redpath
Starring: Jeremy Franklin, Andrew Hislop & Sam Woodhams

An unsettling allegorical drama, Guess Where I Am centres on William, a young Catholic man who, after months apart, is reaching the end of a long journey to see his new wife. At London’s King’s Cross Station, he boards an Underground train and falls asleep. When he awakes, he finds his reality is not quite as he left it. Trapped deep underground, with only a strangely inquisitive Tube driver for company, Guess Where I Am unravels William’s hazy recollections of a night flight, a book and a mysterious, seductive stranger.

The themes of Guess Where I Am are inspired by his passion for dissecting the human condition and his love of dark, disquieting drama, coupled with the storytelling power of modern parables such as Black Mirror. But rather looking into the future, he looks to the past and to a specific medieval ideology that still persists throughout the societies and religions of today. Guess Where I Am is designed to leave questions unanswered, with space for interpretation and reflection on the nature of William’s reality and its relevance to our own.




Written by Andrew Spicer, William Ashford, Theodore Shack, Helena Quiney & Antonia Wier
Directed by Andrew Spicer
Starring: Simon Taylor & Antonia Weir

Made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project, London 2018

WINNER: Best Editing, 48 Hour Film Competition (London)
RUNNER-UP: Best Cinematography, 48 Hour Film Competition (London)
RUNNER-UP: Audience Choice Award, 48 Hour Film Competition (London)

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Vincent Wept

Written & Directed by Tom Lloyd
Produced by Andrew Spicer, Francis Kerrigan & Daniel Mroz
Cinematography by Andrew Spicer
Starring: Hugh Tappin, Georgie Murphy, Kavya Deshpande & Joel Stanley

Ignorance is Blister

A short documentary about Alec Mills & Lucie Holtermann's training for the ultra Marathon-des-Sables

Shlomo's Superstars

A short micro-documentary about SK Shlomo's headline educational feature at the Bath International Music Festival 2017